Saturday, March 17, 2012

Restless Night

    Why, are there so many human children in MY territory? Nikki's birthday was a couple days ago and there were about,6 other children besides her. I couldn't go to the clan either because they wouldn't leave me alone! And if I did get to run, they were outside screaming as loud as 5 families of screech owls. Then it started raining and they came inside to sleep, drove me mad. And I was NOT walking to the clan in the rain with children running after me! NO WAY!
    So I couldn't  sleep because they were making so much racket. Then the next day, I ran to the clan as fast as I could to find out the prisoners had escaped! Okay so let me tell you a little bit more about the prison and prisoners. When other clan members come and trespass or hunt on our property, and one of our patrols find them we put them in a cave of brambles. Well it looks like we have a problem. We have been searching the area but no sign of them.
    If you see two tabby cats, a grayish blue cat, and/or a cream and brown colored cat, please watch out. Get a big net and put him/them in a cage on your back porch.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trees, Warm Fire, and Catnip!!! It's All Right Here

    Hi it's Bella again, can you guess what time of year it is? Christmas time! My favorite part of Christmas is the tree, have you ever slept under a Christmas tree? The warm lights on your fur, the paper bird ornaments above your head, and packages all around the fake snow your laying on. And on Christmas morning we wake up by the fire and jump into our catnip filled stockings.
    Of course we have to go to the clan sometime on Christmas Eve though, we go at around 1 in the morning. Data, Itzel, and I always dig into the fresh kill pile. We go back to the house about 2 hours later and sleep. When the humans come we all greet them with a loud purr. Usually on Christmas Eve we have a bunch of other humans over at the house.
    We get a lot of attention, but it's not always fun. Sometimes they won't leave us alone at all! So sometimes we go into our hiding places, like the shoes. And at the end of the night we always settle down. 

        Have a Merry Christmas!!!! 
                                   - Itzel, Data, and Bella

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Almost Favorite Time of the Year

    Thanksgiving my favorite time of the year, almost (My first is Christmas I'll get to that later) Thanksgiving for us cats is just an excuse to get food. At the clan our Thanksgiving is just food that we take from humans. I usually don't go to the clan for very long on Thanksgiving.
    Just so you guys know my name is still Bella, on my graduation they decided that.....actually let me state exact words from Fire Star our clan leader "Bellana we, the clan have all decided to let you keep your name because you live with the humans,"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Long Couple of Weeks

   I'll start at the beginning of the first week. Remember a few posts ago when I fought that dog? Well I know the dog's name. I fought him last  week too. His name is Titan, and the other dog, her name is Tilly.
    I fought Titan that night because when Daddy let them out that night he was extra hyper. Nikki was going outside to give Tilly and Titan a piece of bread. Titan squeezed through Nikki's legs! He came at the cats so I protected Data and Itzel. 
    We got into another fight, and like the other time I won without a scratch. And he left with scratch marks and a bleeding nose. I had accidentally scratched Nikki's ankle, she was fine. But she felt bad for letting Titan in. She was shaking for hours.
After all those events
    And this week I got out two times this week. My humans were looking for me and Data for a while so we decided to go back inside. And after doing each of those things I always did this afterward.

Monday, July 4, 2011

What's So Special About July 4th?

    Apparently it's July 4th. What's so special about that. Everybody going around saying "Happy 4th of July!" Next week is everybody going to be saying happy 11th of July? And does this so called holiday have to do with all those loud "Fireworks"?
    Because I really don't like those things. I mean It's the middle of the night, loud noises and then lights blowing up in the sky. I was at the clan and I was out on hunting patrol and I saw humans going around their backyard with sticks lit on fire. That was yesterday I wonder how it's going to be today. Because yesterday wasn't even the fourth, it was the third.
    So if tonight is worse than last night, I am NOT going to the clan. And if I do HAVE to go I'm staying inside. After all, who would want to be around a human you don't even know with a stick on fire in his or her hand. I mean if you were a cat, would you want to be around one?

Saturday, July 2, 2011


    Hi it's Bella again. It was about a month ago when Charlie came. Charlie was one of Nikki's friend's cat. Well this girl had too many cats, and needed to get rid of some. Charlie was one.
    I know that she loved Charlie, but her Grandpa was allergic. I felt bad for Charlie because he loved her back. Nikki and Mommy were going to give him to somebody. He had to stay at our house for a while.
    And he was an outdoor cat, and was not house trained. He ended up using the restroom on the rug. And Nikki didn't know that he was using the restroom and picked him up. Then she put him on the couch so it got all over the couch.
    Then after that he had to stay outside. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The House Is Mine

    I've got another adventure for you. I have been talking about school in my posts. Well, it reminds me of the time my humans went on a trip. It was just us cats, and a so called "House sitter" that only came by for like 5 minutes.
    My humans had gone on a trip, I don't know to where though. The house was mine, Itzel's, Data's.   We could do anything we wanted. So we went to the clan early to stay there until sundown. 
    We were so excited to see what the clan was like during the day. Not only did I get to practice fighting skills but also to go and see my friends. But there was 1 problem. All the people that weren't my friends called me kitty pet. Which means I was born in what they call two-legged territory.
    And when they called me a kitty pet I just told them that even though I'm a kitty pet, I was as loyal to the clan as they are. And the last time I just lost it and attacked him. But after a while somebody broke us up. But, he was already scratched up. We both had to go to the clan medicine cat to heal the wounds on our paws, back, shoulders, and face.
    After that we had to talk to the leader of the clan. We got a stern talking to and since he was the  one who called me a kitty pet, he had to hunt for the whole week. After he left, the leader of the clan, StormClaw, told me not  to listen to them. So I didn't.
    But when my humans came back I ran back to the house and ran to the door when they came in. Then everything was back to normal.